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The Patio
It is the temperance of the thing that makes it so:

the even keel style just the right amount of sun 

and shade, wet and dry 

the not too much of anything 

not too cold 

not too hot

not too fast.

Painful from my end with all the waiting and patience figured in.

If there is quick pressure, well, no good comes from that!

In gloves and hat, I stand here with the hose 

giving life: knowing that later in the day would not work,

that later in the day would be too late

for it MUST be early and often….regular.

And is always the way with love

the right amount is easy to see.

I give, I pour, I flow until there is enough:

water rushing out the bottom and over the top my sign for exuberance.  

the trickle of excess, my sign to stop.