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About Dandelionwish1212
I felt shamed about my wishing: thinking that it was childish or worse, that in an odd way a sin.  I felt unsure about wishing until one day I was reminded of the old saying, "a wish is a prayer."  HA!!!  That saying was what I was missing.  Yes....a wish is a prayer and not just any prayer!  Wishes are barefoot prayers.  Wishes have no jewelry to jangle and distract, no makeup and clothes to hide behind.  Wishes are raw and sensitive to touch.  Wishes are not Sunday morning best dressed and armed with church but rather a Saturday night with only God and the heart.  

Wishes will tell on you without a second glance or thought. Wishes tell not only who you are, but who you long to be.  Wish well dear friend for God and the angels are listening.
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